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Rock Slinger backfilling aggregate and gravel

Complete Stone Slinger Services

Stone slingers / rock slingers are remote-controlled vehicles that use rapid conveyors to propel soil, sand, gravel or mulch up to 120 feet away. We can accurately place over 1000 tons per day.

Stone slingers spread material smoothly and rapidly in hard-to-reach places with accuracy and speed, making it the cost-effective replacement to traditional manual labor processes. 

Our goal is to save time, money and labor for our customers by delivering and placing material faster, farther, safer and more efficiently.

Coast-to-Coast SERVICE Coverage

Slinger Rental Company serves customers in numerous markets, including commercial & residential landscaping, earthwork, energy, industrial, and municipal. We are based in California, with yard locations and partners throughout the United States, and capable of servicing our loyal customer base from coast to coast. 

We look forward to working with you soon and showing you what our equipment and crews are capable of.

All-terrain Slinger for rent

Stone Slinger Uses

  • Backfill utility trenches for power, water, communications, solar farms, wind farms and other energy market assets. We can easily lay bedding sand at a rate of 10 miles/day.
  • Backfill pipeline trenches. The 20' boom and 120 feet of reach of our vehicles makes us the most versatile solution for backfilling virtually any long pipeline trench where imported material is used.
  • Subgrade for concrete slabs, including hard to reach basement excavations.
  • Retaining wall and foundation wall backfill.
  • Road and highway shoulder work laying and spreading roadside materials
  • Fill biofilters on new urban development sites. Our method is fast and offers lower compaction while protecting pipework and liners.
  • Backfill containment cells and caps as support for land remediation projects.
  • Topsoil large hillsides and swales for the Civil Landscaping and Road Construction industries.
  • Backfill underground storage tanks used in the petroleum industry as a quicker and safer alternative to using crane and bucket.

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Stone Slinger Benefits Precision Material Placement With Reduced Time, Cost & Risk

Benefits of our service can be uniquely specific based on your project.

  • No additional heavy equipment driving across foundations, plumbing, or other finished areas of the project.
  • No additional digging or ramping out to accommodate machinery to spread aggregate
  • No additional cost for renting needed equipment
  • No waste of material because of their efficiency and high accuracy of placement.
  • Limited manual labor hours needed, reducing liability for injury
  • No damage to liner covered retention and landscape ponds.
  • Our stone slingers eliminate roll-over risk and provide a safe distance for the operator to place material remotely while watching the entire work area from a desireable vantage point.

Bottom line: a safer job site with less hassle and quicker turnaround saves you money.

We accurately sling many sizes of gravel, stone, rock, sand, soil, mulch, aggregate and and crushed miscellaneous base (CMB).

Sand slinger material


  • Fill sand

  • Concrete sand

  • Plaster sand

  • Recreational sands

  • Beach sand

Soil slinger material


  • Lightweight amended soils

  • Bio swale soil mixes

  • Top soil

  • Fill dirt

Aggregate and gravel slinger material


  • 3" Minus

  • Decomposed granite (DG)

  • Birdseye

  • Rock chips

  • Pea gravel

  • Decorative gravels

  • Class II CMB

  • Class II CAB

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