Stone Slinger Trucks & Equipment

AT7 All-terrain slinger backfilling with trench bedding and roadside materials

All-Terrain Slinger (AT7)

For larger projects or tight access locations, we use all-terrain slingers. These feature a 7-yard hopper that we can easily load on site with conventional earthmoving equipment and allow us to convey material at a constant rate. We can load the hopper using anything from a skid-steer, excavator, to a wheel loader. We also have the ability to pair our all-terrain slinger with our heavy-duty reloading conveyor to allow standard dump trucks to dump and feed directly into the slinger.  All-terrain slingers have four-wheel/remote drive and off-road tires, which enable us to navigate slopes, behind buildings, and around obstacles to place materials that otherwise would have taken much more time and coordination.

Slinger Trucks A.K.A Rock Slinger Trucks & Stone Slinger Trucks

Stone slingers are material placement trucks that use the latest in conveyor technology to distribute gravel, topsoil, dirt, bedrock, sand, mulch and more into desired areas accurately and efficiently. The slinger trucks have capacity for 25 – 40 yards of material and once on site, the operator can convey material and drive the truck with remote control. Operating remotely allows the operator to move the equipment while maintaining visual awareness of all surrounding areas. Slinger trucks can place material distances up to 130 feet at discharge rates of 4 yards/min.

Stone slinger and telebelt truck rentals
Reloading Conveyor Slinger RL26HD


Our reloading conveyor can be used as a stand-alone unit or more frequently in conjunction with our all-terrain slinger.  The reloader is designed to keep our equipment constantly fed with a variety of materials and eliminates double handling and waste of materials.  The hopper end of this unit lowers to ground level, allowing standard dump/haul trucks and trailers to unload directly into it.  The unit can hitch directly to our all-terrain slinger allowing it to be towed where needed.








Questions About
Our Slinger Equipment & Process?

A slinger (AKA stone slinger, or rock slinger) is a piece of construction equipment used to “sling” or place stone, sand, mulch, soil, and other aggregates. With a slinger you can place materials in precise positions and reach hard to access areas.  Slingers are either truck mounted or remote all terrain body mounted (wheels or tracks)

Slingers are versatile, cost efficient, and precise in a way that previous solutions were not. The savings that result from using a stone slinger instead of manual labor can be passed on to the customer to make sure you’re saving money. Slingers can also deliver materials with more precision than dump trucks and fit into smaller spaces.

Stone slingers are also able to transport materials down or up steep slopes, where it would be nearly impossible to use a wheelbarrow or other equipment. Additionally, stone slingers can transport materials over fences and walls, which would usually significantly limit the ability to move materials.

The cost of renting a stone slinger will vary depending on the size of your project, as well as how long it will take to complete. We rent hourly, unit cost, or lump sum for the project depending on the complexity of your project.  Contact us today or get a free quote.

Up to 120’ depending on material and onsite conditions.

Slinger Rental Company has mobile crews and equipment operating throughout the United States.  No location is out of the question.  Mobilization costs will vary depending on current location of equipment at time of project start.

Slingers and slinger trucks frequently get referred to by different names depending on the region or industry using them. Stone slinger, rock slinger, gravel slinger, stone shooter, rock shooter, sand slinger, mulch slinger, aggregate slinger, soil slinger... They are all different names for slingers the end of the day. Our slingers can handle spreading and placement any of these materials and then some. 


Please reach out to us for more information or an onsite evaluation for your specific projects needs.